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A Day At OpenTech

I spent my Saturday at the OpenTech conference in London and it was a day well spent. I do have to learn to go and listen to new things though, although talks from Tom Morris (who I later met for the first time), Simon Willison and Gavin Bell were interesting, those were subjects I already knew about or were aware about to a fair degree. What did strike me however were some of the last sessions by Tom Loosemoreand Chris Jackson.

Between them they told stories which included building a peer-to-peer TV network for persisted content, and a project to become ‘the DNS for media’. I’ve always had an interest in home entertainment, and these talks made my eyes light up. I’m really pleased to see that Tom has posted his presentation.

Tom’s ‘impossibox’ was capable of storing 1TBs worth of media data, roughly a months worth. If that were to be networked in a P2P fashion, you could have months of recorded TV, redundantly stored in every house on your street. I think this plays into the networks hands here as well. This isn’t real time data and can be sync’d, or you can download a program or series at the networks leisure without breaking net neutrality Confusion And Patience. Throw in, if there were 100 such networked boxes with a mile’s radius, chances are you could take care of the P2P sharing at the local exchange so you wouldn’t even need to push large amounts of data all over the place.

Although this future is a ‘slightly bonkers’ version, it sparks the imagination. Just think of the social networking benefits of being able to capture this data, see friends recommendations, read comments, video mashups, trailers, directors (or other users) commentaries. So much potential.…

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