Monday, September 19, 2011

Notes from "Blending MongoDB and RDBMS for eCommerce"
OpenSky eCommerce platform

products in mongo using custom fields for different product types (i.e. actors in movie, tracklist for album etc)

- ordered items need to be fixed at time of purchase, table inheritance bad for this

## 3 things for e-commerce

- optimistic concurrency (update if current, then try again if document is not current)
- assumes environment with low data contention
- works well for Amazon with long tail product catalogue
- works bad for ebay, groupe, anything with flash-sales (high data contention)

# Commerce is ACID in real-life

purchasing something from a store deals with this without concurrency as each product can only be held by one customer

MongoDB e-Commerce

- each item (not sku) has it's own document
- contains
-- reference to sku
-- state
-- other meta-data (timestamp, order ref etc)

cart in card action difficult, but in Mongo changing state on item makes it unavailable to other customers (e.g. if state is 'in-cart')

## Blending

Doctrine (OS - ORM/ODM) modelled on Hibernate

in SQL
-- product inventory, sellable inventory, orders

- inventory is transient in Mongo collections
- inventory kept in sync with listeners

for financial transactions we want security and comfort of RDBMS

## Playing Nice

products are stored in a document
orders are entities stored in relational DB
store reference not relationships across two databases

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