Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bear vs Shark strikes again - TV Billboards

Driving to San Francisco today, I saw a disturbing site - a TV Billboard. This was not a revolving billboard with three rotating adverts, this was a twenty odd foot TV display on a major motorway.

I've always found billboards a distraction when driving, so I wonder how TV based versions will go down. I can just imagine these being indiscriminately targeted at their audience; coffee shops for morning commute, alcohol and restaurants for evening commutes, toys and games for the school runs and the list goes on.

It's just another step.

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Tim Stevens said...

The cost of screens such as this is falling, whereas the cost of labour/printing to change posters is rising. Maybe we're at the tipping point where for new billboard installations screens are more cost effective, and as you say, allow better targetting.

whether having them by the side of the road is a good idea... i gotta doubt that too.

Next, no doubt, is clever software which identifies the cars/drivers going past and optimises the advert based on the CURRENT eyeballs. Sounds like a great opportunity for Google.