Friday, December 21, 2007 vs musicovery vs pandora

I love listening to music while at work, and I can't help but feel agitated that my favourite web music players ( and don't work when I'm on the company network. I've recently discovered from a friend mentioning it on Twitter, which more and more is my source of information. It works on the company network which rocks, I think it streams through a flash based player to traverse the company network rather than streaming straight into the browser. I can't help but think though that why isn't there a microformat for favourite and 'banned' music to use anywhere?

I'd rather use or at work, but I can't. The next best thing would be to share my 'taste' of music across these sites.

Come on everyone, microformats are the way forward!


psd said...

sounds like an extension to hReview, add something to the wiki:

Robbie said...

Thanks PSD,

I checked out the wiki and there was already some stuff about music review (see I think it's now just having a think about how to use it across multiple sites and indeed, from scrobbling your own music.