Tuesday, December 04, 2007

100th Blog post

I'd noticed that my blogger account was showing 100 posts for this blog and to be honest I was a little surprised. I thought I'd go back and look at my posting habits. Check out the graph. When I started this blog, it was mainly so I could post amusing anecdotes of my travels around Italy back in May 2005. I'd been fed up of emailing everyone and missing people off, so I gave my friends the blog link and told them to read that for my misadventures. If you've been reading for a while, you'd noticed that after that trip I had nothing more to say. Then I started with a few bits and pieces until a few months ago when I started hitting the blog hard.

While I've been working in my current job, I've been absorbing more and reading lots which has culminated in my suddenly having quite a bit to say.

Now, sometimes I don't know if other people are having the same thoughts as me, or if I'm having the same thoughts of other people. Art reflecting life, life reflecting art and all that. But it seems people are being quite reflective of their own blogging.

uncov.com launches against bloggers who like to think their journalists. I don't think I'm in this category, I just find this gives me a place to ramble, and get my thoughts down.

Piotr and David have both commented on why they've not be blogging enough, and I'd say to that, that blogging to me is my mind dump. It's a place to get everything out. I'm not a journalist, and I certainly don't spend a great deal of time writing my entries. In fact, I'm with Scoble here, don't be afraid to be wrong or to look wrong. And if you're thinking about stopping your blog, think about your global microbrand.

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