Thursday, November 08, 2007

Making Friends and Influencing Robots

Going to a conference to show off communication services often results in those we talk to thinking about the different notifications engines that sending SMSs could be used for. Cool, great, yeah... Now and then someone comes along with something a little different. Step up Mr Paul Foster. Paul has an interesting gadget at home. A robot. It reminds me of the robot in Rocky IV that sings happy birthday to Paulie. The subtle difference though is Paul's robot travels through his house and does stuff and isn't just in a classic (?) 80s film. Don't ask me what kind of stuff, I just don't know. What I do know though is that the robot has a web server and using CallFlow, Paul can use the pattern matching DTMF collections to POST requests to the web server that is Paul's robot, and that the robot can understand those requests and perform a task which Paul has programmed in. Read for yourself what Paul is up to.

Round of applause for the most creative idea I've heard of so far.

This triggered a distant memory (August is distant still right?), when JayFresh forwarded me a clip sent from Michael found about using a phone to control a video game. Check it out about 6 minutes in.

At the time this wasn't possible with the Web21C SDK, but Paul has shown that with CallFlow this is most definitely possible.

Happy coding.

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